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Penza city head urges to keep municipal enterprises’ equipment running

12:30 | 26.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 26 June 2015. PenzaNews. Penza must rectify any situations when the equipment owned by municipal enterprises is not used with enough effectiveness, said the city head Victor Kuvaytsev during the tenth regular session of the Penza City Duma on Friday, June 26.

The city head Victor Kuvaytsev

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“Recently, we did much to find out exactly how much property we have and how we use it. In particular, we revised the information on land plots. Keep in mind we did it all to get good results, and the dynamics must show positive changes,” he stressed.

Victor Kuvaytsev regretfully noted that the equipment management practices still have their drawbacks at present.

“Let me demonstrate it with a field case. […] Just recently, we visited one of the municipal enterprises. If you learn how much equipment, buildings owned by the city that remain unused right now, it’ll be eye-opening. As far as I know, about 30 vehicles, that’s ‘Zhilservis,’ just stay in parks untouched. Most importantly, it includes rare vehicles such as boom trucks, crane trucks, large dump trucks. And they stay parked only because apparently the enterprise cannot even pay for their insurance,” said the city head.

In his opinion, if such cases arise, the responsible officials must undertake all the necessary measures to not let the expensive machinery remain out of use.

“We must do everything to make it generate budget income,” Victor Kuvaytsev concluded.

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