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Ivan Belozertsev calls Penza urban amenities issue bad, threatens Yuri Ilyin with layoff

11:59 | 29.06.2015 | Society


Penza, 29 June 2015. PenzaNews. The acting governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev suggested that a large number of issues in the urban amenities field of Penza city is related to Yuri Ilyin’s apparent unwillingness or inability to solve them as the official responsible for the field.

Ivan Belozertsev calls Penza urban amenities issue bad, threatens Yuri Ilyin with layoff

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“Deal with the problems in the urban amenities. People receive double bills, and did they learn – one company comes, than another, and then the third. People don’t even know whom to speak with,” Ivan Belozertsev told the vice-mayor of Penza on urban amenities Yuri Ilyin during a meeting session in the regional government held on Monday, June 29.

While Yuri Ilyin did show his worth as a head of the Urban Amenities Department of the Penza region, the objectives he must solve in the city administration are entirely different, he noted.

“The work in the city requires actual work. With house management companies, city communications, housing service providers, debts, winter preparations – you should have started working with it a long time ago,” the head of the region elaborated.

According to Ivan Belozertsev, the current state of the urban amenities complex gives the public a great number of reasons to criticize the regional authorities.

“People tell me: ‘Yuri Alexandrovich, it’s like the urban amenities area is plotting to protest against you.’ Even though this is a competence of the city administration, the urban amenities system. And ‘Lev’ company is somehow involved, and people say it’s affiliated with you. You took the better apartment buildings there, and dodged those who are for worse. Deal with it,” said the acting governor, promising to lay off Yuri Ilyin otherwise.

“I can understand many things, but when an official comes to office – and I’m talking about the region, the municipal bodies, we have it all and I see it – not to work for the sake of the people, not to deal with the objectives, but to do business along with that – trust me, I will [lay off that person]. And you will not find even a single job for yourselves afterwards when I’m in the office. Not a single job here. So if you agree, agree to receive your salary for an honest work with no business projects, we’ll work together. If you don’t, better come to me in advance and tell me: ‘Ivan Alexandrovich, ready to leave, going to do business.’ No questions asked. We’ll shake hands, awards will follow if you deserve it, and go ahead,” stressed the acting governor.

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