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Zarechny city to develop own brand

09:31 | 01.07.2015 | Society


Zarechny, 1 July 2015. PenzaNews. The vice-mayor of Zarechny city, a closed administrative territorial unit, held a session of the working group on popularization of the territorial unit social and economic development strategy on Tuesday, June 30. The meeting was dedicated to preparation of a promotion campaign for Zarechny city, located in the Penza region, in other parts of Russia.

During the discussion, the delegates defined the five priority objectives listed in Zarechny’s development strategy that must be reflected in the upcoming PR campaign: eco-city structure, high-level education, engineering skills test ground, comfortable city zone, and landplot marketing.

Among other things, the delegates suggested Zarechny to develop its own brand.

In particular, the project may ask for assistance of the children in “Zvezdochka” summer camp who will take a try at creating the versions very soon.

According to the public relations department of Zarechny, this will help spread the word of the ideas and objectives included in the strategy.

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