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“TeenGrad” summer school opens in Penza

09:18 | 13.07.2015 | Society


Penza, 13 July 2015. PenzaNews. The summer school “TeenGrad,” a part of the regional interdepartmental program for children and youth innovative science populatization “1000-list-nick,” officially opened in the Olympic Reserve School of Penza.

“TeenGrad” summer school opens in Penza

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This year’s event will involve 110 children, including the winners of NovatorWeb 2.0 online contest, winning teams of DomInno winter school and Idea Auction “InnoTeens”-2015, as well as members of the youth innovative art centers of the Penza region and winners of regional and country-wide competitions.

Moreover, the Crimean students also received their invitations this year.

The acting deputy chairman of the Penza region government Valery Bespalov gave a welcoming speech to the audience at the opening ceremony.

“This traditional event is one of a kind for Russia. And we have great hopes that the steps we are making today will bring forth excellent results, and I would like to see this event create the likes of Tupolev, Korolev and Steve Jobs,” he said.

In his turn, Denis Timerbaev, head of “NanoElectroLab,” representative of the Association of Russian Youth Innovative Art Centers, noted that “TeenGrad” is the first event that received the support of his association.

The speeches were followed by an award ceremony for the children who achieved success and innovations, and the people involved in management and support of the youth innovative art centers in the Penza region.

After that, the participants split into teams that will be working in the innovative camp together for a total of ten days: each team presented their own motto. Moreover, the children got acquainted with the tutors and the management staff of “TeenGrad.”

At the end of the ceremony, each team received a task case for the session.

“We are working within the ‘1000-list-nick’ program for the whole year. Our key events follow this program. There are many, but the greatest of them are the winter school in February, the idea auction in April, and the summer school. During the idea auction, the children themselves create the task cases for those who’ll work in summer,” the head of the innovative camp Larisa Matyukhina commented for PenzaNews agency.

The teams will be creating the projects within a span of ten days, with possible implementation in the future, she added.

“Throughout these days, they must create a prototype according to their work direction, as well as a marketing campaign, an economic basis, and a PR campaign. And then the projects will take shape in our production laboratories. As of now, four projects created in our summer schools have reached the small-batch production stage,” the “TeenGrad” head pointed out.

According to her, the organizers of this year’s camp have created an actual technopark for the participants.

“All the equipment is on the site, and we will work only in the camp without visiting other enterprises like last year,” the speaker stressed.

The agenda of “TeenGrad” includes production laboratories, mass lectures and meetings with scientists, officials, production and business heads, such as the cosmonaut and Hero of Russia Alexander Samokutyaev, and guided tours to the factories of the region.

At the end of the education course, all the participants of the summer school will receive the certificates of “1000-list-nick,” and the most talented innovators will be awarded diplomas.

The results of “TeenGrad” work will be presented at a special exhibition on July 18.

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