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Alexei Nikolaev: Only 4% students eligible for discount fare use their right

14:22 | 24.07.2015 | Society


Penza, 24 July 2015. PenzaNews. Only 600 students of educational institutions in Penza, or 4% of the 14,317 eligible, make use of their right for discount public transportation fare, the acting head of the city’s Civil Management Department Alexei Nikoalev reported during the press conference held in the city hall on Friday, July 24.

Alexei Nikolaev: Only 4% students eligible for discount fare use their right

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“From my point of view, all the categories in dire demand for municipal assistance, discount fares, receive it. We can use this [the aforementioned information] to see the real demand of the citizens with children in transportation assistance,” he said.
There are currently four classes of school students who are eligible for that, Alexei Nikolaev elaborated.

“First of all, the students from poor families. The parents must make a certificated in the social department at their place of residence. The school forms another certificate, and the parents then go to ‘Artsis’ for the special transportation card that costs 280 rubles with unlimited rides,” he explained.

According to him, a similar card is available for the students who actively participate in extracurricular education programs.

“The parents of many children with poor income may receive free transportation cards by showing their passports and the birth certificate of their children in ‘Artsis.’ Each card is eligible for 22 rides per month,” said the official.

This possibility is used by less than 100 school students out of the 1,087 eligible, he noted.

“The fourth category is orphans and children without parents. They get money compensation for two rides per day,” Alexei Nikolaev explained.

Penza currently has 43,536 children of school age, he added.

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