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Victor Kuvaytsev inspected Penza road repair site on Dobrolyubova street

12:10 | 28.07.2015 | Society


Penza, 28 July 2015. PenzaNews. The head of Penza city Victor Kuvaytsev has visited Dobrolyubova street with an inspection of repairs of water pipelines and new asphalt work on a road section with active participation of local residents.

Victor Kuvaytsev inspected Penza road repair site on Dobrolyubova street

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Together with people living in nearby houses and the chairman of the street committee Alexei Shpagin, his saw the street that had been covered in potholes.

The city head asked the residents about the repair quality and learned they were satisfied with repairs of the road and the pipeline; however, the cars are now using this section to travel too fast.

Several people asked Victor Kuvaytsev to investigate this situation and assist in installing the speed limit signs or a speed bump.

“We will think about it, but I would ask to not put any speed bumps here. Such a bump will hinder road cleaning in winter season,” Victor Kuvaytsev explained.

He suggested to contact the traffic police to organize temporary road monitoring.

Commenting on his impressions over the visit, Victor Kuvaytsev praised the locals who were a great help in resolving the repair issue.

“Most importantly, the locals themselves helped repair the pipeline. This is an ideal example for the city on resolving hybrid urban improvement issues. We could repair only the road, but, just like the locals, we knew it is not a city property and the locals own it. So we agreed to repair it if they provide the materials. ‘Gorvodokanal’ helped repair the pipeline, and only then ‘Penzadormost’ fixed the asphalt,” the city head explained.

He noted that the city currently considers taking this pipeline on its own balance and service it in the future.

“‘Gorvodokanal’ will either repair it on our reports or rent it,” Victor Kuvaytsev explained.

According to him, such initiatives coming from the locals will always find support of the city authorities if they include cofinancing.

“The issues resolved thanks to the locals’ assistance are always resolved quickly. And the people who chipped in closely watch the repaired objects. And we are thankful to them for that,” stressed the city head.

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