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Penza public transportation became cheaper

11:31 | 16.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 16 August 2015. PenzaNews. The cost of the Penza public transport reduced from Sunday, August 16. Thus, one minibus trip costs 20 rubles, a large bus trip — 18 rubles, and a trolleybus trip — 17 rubles.

Penza public transportation became cheaper

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The passenger fare reduction in buses of small, medium and large capacity became the result of changes in the marginal rates down. The corresponding order No. 63 and No. 64 was signed by Natalia Klak, acting head of the tariff regulation and energy preservation in the region on August 12.

The decision to reduce the trolleybus fare was made by Penza administration, but the max fare rate remained the same — 20.79 rubles. According to mayor Yuri Krivov, passenger fare is reduced before the school year “for the sake of the city residents” and “for maintaining the competitiveness of trolleybuses as a kind of public transport in the new environment.”

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, the farmer passenger fare limits were established in Penza in spring 2015. The max limit for trolleybus fare amounted to 20.79 rubles, for minibus fare — 22.02 rubles, and for large bus fare — 20.02 rubles.

This was followed by an increase in fare rates from June 1: in minibuses from 16 to 22 rubles, in large buses up to 20 rubles. Prior to that, the majority of bus fare amounted to 17 rubles, on some routes 14 rubles.

Natalia Klak had repeatedly explained why the Penza fare limits had increased, and why the decision on the increase was made.

On August 6, city head Victor Kuvaytsev told PenzaNews agency that Penza needs municipal public transport, which would work effectively and carry out socially important function, and which obtained the required subsidies from the budget.

On August 10, Natalia Klak announced the planned 2-ruble decrease in max bus fares from Sunday, August 16. The corresponding orders were signed on August 12.

On August 14, mayor Yuri Krivov signed a decree of Penza administration, according to which the fare rates for “Penzalift” are reduced in trolleybus to 17 rubles from August 16. According to another decree, the max fare rate for “Automobile transport services” (“ATS”) operating passenger transportation on minibus route No. 25, reduced to 20.02 rubles. The fare on this route amounted to 20 rubles, the same as in other minibuses.

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