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Penza resident offers mayor Yuri Krivov moving to city he heads

09:55 | 20.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 20 August 2015. PenzaNews. Entrepreneur Anton Kupryushin, known for his active civil position, proposed the head of Penza administration Yuri Krivov to move to the city, which he heads, to learn about the issues that matter to ordinary people firsthand.

Anton Kupryushin

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On Wednesday evening, August 19, he posted a video message to the mayor recorded in the car on the way through Pushkina and Volodarskogo Streets.

“The fact is it's around 8 [pm] now. [...] I have been driving from Arbekovo to the city center — no street lights. Yuri Ivanovich, maybe you should move to Penza? Maybe then you'll understand that Penza has far more problems than they report to you, than what you have time to see during the workday? I am not satisfied that the traffic lights do not work, pedestrian crossings are not illuminated, no lights in the city at night at all. I do not know, maybe you live by some other clock? Although I suspect that Zarechny has no problems with the lighting. Apparently, it is Penza that has “non-native” authorities, “non-native” mayor, and therefore, it has such problems. Yuri Ivanovich, move to Penza!” Anton Kupryushin appealed to the head of the city administration, alluding to the fact that he lives in Zarechny.

He added that making the life of the Penza residents better can be started with little things like “ the lighting in the evening.”

“It is, probably, difficult to make the lights turn on when it is necessary. Perhaps, it requires a special order of the city administration head. Probably, it has to be controlled every evening, by the mayor personally. No one else is able to solve the problem. [...] The situation is clear, right? It is 19.57 and the city in the dark. Yuri Ivanovich, urgently come to Penza! I don't know, maybe it is worth renting a flat here. Maybe there is some office accommodation there. Well, run it from Zarechny, then. Find it out. Call me every day to find out whether the lights are on or not, or call other residents. But there is no illumination in the city. Thank you,” Anton Kupryushin concluded.

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