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Road by Penza “Mogilevsky Dvorik” in need of repair

14:18 | 25.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 25 August 2015. PenzaNews. A Penza road between the “Mogilevsky Dvorik” and the Arbekovsky marketplace, as well as the adjacent sidewalk, located by Stroiteley prospekt, 21, is in need of immediate repair.

Road by Penza “Mogilevsky Dvorik” in need of repair

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“We were happy to see road crews starting to patch the sidewalk this spring by the houses close to us [Stroiteley prospekt, 17, and Glazunova street, 1]. They worked for too long, but they did finish it after all. We will be next, we thought. Alas. The summer is almost over, but neither the road nor the sidewalk were touched,” one of the local area residents told PenzaNews agency.

According to the citizen, the pedestrians still can traverse the road to the market in spite of numerous potholes, but the car road is only usable on its left side, otherwise “the car grinds the stone with its belly.”

“I saw one get stuck once. Though the driver was a young girl. A fresh, young driver, it seems. She could not navigate around it and drove into the pothole: nearly left her bumper there, took some time to push around, but did get out eventually. But that is not how it should be. The autumn will come soon, with rains. We’ll be swimming in rainwater here,” the speaker complained.

According to the local resident, the bad road has the worst effect on the well-known beauty salon “Lady” located nearby, as its clients drive there by car.

“If I were the owner, I’d already be pestering all officials, both in the city administration and in the Duma. But it seems like it’s either our businessmen who are so passive they think somebody else will come and solve it for them, or the authorities who do not listen to addresses from people and businessmen. Meanwhile, everything stays how it is,” he said.

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