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Penza area recreation club “Volkov” frequenters complain about drive-up road

09:47 | 26.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 26 August 2015. PenzaNews. The visitors of the Penza area country recreation club “Volkov” situated by the Sura water basin addressed PenzaNews agency with a request to tell the public about the poor state of the drive-up road to the location.

Penza area recreation club “Volkov” frequenters complain about drive-up road

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“The road is about one kilometer long, and it is mostly used by people who go to ‘Volkov’ and the few dacha owners. The road is likely managed by the Zasechnoye village council, but since it was left without repairs for several years, it seems to have been forgotten. We understand that money is short and the task of repairing the approach to the entertainment complex is not as important as fighting against power shortages in Zasechnoye village, but if the road is there, it must be kept in a good state,” reads the address received by PenzaNews agency.

Its authors also suggest that the club “Volkov” may choose to take the road repair expenses on itself to show example of social responsibilities to other businesses.

“We understand it took enormous money to turn the abandoned tourism base ‘Solnyshko’ in a true recreation center, and the road repair expenses pale to that. But even though it is a relative trifle, it will be a good trifle to spend on those who visit ‘Volkov’ on their own money for entertainment. After all, the staff also uses it every day. Please repair the road! The people will respond in kind,” reads the appeal.

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