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City Duma again discusses lack of Penza yardside parking lots

14:34 | 28.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 28 August 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza city Duma deputies returned to the discussion of the lack of yardside parking lots and related issues during the debates over the urban improvement and city cleanliness report compliance presented by the head of the Penza city Urban Amenities Department Mikhail Kudimov on August 28 during the 11th session.

City Duma again discusses lack of Penza yardside parking lots

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After hearing out the report, a Duma deputy Alexei Shuvarin asked the speaker about the steps the city administration plans to undertake to resolve the situation.

“What are the chances there will be a strategy or a concept to enforce illegal yard parking prevention? I am talking about greenyards and playgrounds. How will we resolve it?” he asked.

Mikhail Kudimov replied with the notion that fines are the main influencing measure here.

The temporary deputy chairman of the City Duma Ivan Krasnov disagreed with such a position.

“We seem to need a reward along with a punishment – like benefits for those who look after the yards. Making parking accessible is the work of the area administrations. Like they do in developed countries by paving the heavily-used walkways. If people park in particular places, we must make accessible parking there,” he pointed out.

Ivan Krasnov added that people should be informed of the measures available in the city on making new parkings, and stressed the importance of making the good experience known.

“The result is possible only through working on multiple fronts. Just fines will do nothing,” he stressed.

In his turn, a deputy Sergei Lisovol noted that Penza still has no actual ways of resolving the parking issue.

“We are not working with it, let’s confess,” he said.

Alexei Shuvarin agreed that the situation has been all rules and no work for a long time.

“This means one of the two things: either no one works, or no one wants to work. There are officials that must make protocols. We should work on it,” he noted.

According to the deputy, a new law may change the situation.

“I recall one of the Penza region government deputy chairmen promising us an urban amenities police about a year and a half ago. A good idea overall. Maybe we should bring it back up and implement it?” Alexei Shuvarin suggested.

He also pointed out that people are complaining about illegal parking to the deputies more than about other topics.

In conclusion, the Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev stressed that the new yardside parking placement regulations will be developed on November 1.

“I think this will facilitate the resolution. We cannot ban everything. People must have choice in what to use, including yardside parking,” he summed up.

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