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Penza journalists ask local authorities to move “Shkolnitsa” monument

11:51 | 28.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 28 August 2015. PenzaNews. Eight Penza journalists signed an appeal to the city head Victor Kuvaytsev and the mayor Yuri Krivov with a request to move the “Shkolnitsa” monument from its current location on Moskovskaya street to the offices of “Alex-M” that uses the monument to advertise its products.

Penza journalists ask local authorities to move “Shkolnitsa” monument

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The media representatives also suggested forming an art city council that will supervise projects of new monuments, art objects and installations in Penza.

The seven of the journalists have met by the monument in question early on Friday, August 28, and then proceeded to the City Duma hall to present the appeal in person.

They had a short talk with Victor Kuvaytsev and Yuri Krivov before the City Duma session.

“I have a question to everyone present on the ‘Shkolnitsa’: why did it cause such a protest?” Victor Kuvaytsev asked.

In return, Semen Vakhshtain, editor-in-chief of “Echo Penzy” radio station, pointed out that “Shkolnitsa” is “kitsch in the city center” that makes it difficult to teach children artistic taste.

In his turn, Pavel Shishkin, editor-in-chief of “Penzenskaya Pravda,” added that the object was installed without any discussion with the experts in the art field.

“There are artists, sculptors and architects in the city, but nobody was asked at all,” he said.

In reply, Victor Kuvaytsev told the journalists their appeal will be reviewed and followed by an official reaction in the nearest future.

This was followed by a reaction from Yuri Krivov.

“There was an address to all Penza producers: make brand art objects, finance them, order them wherever they can, and we will be ready to provide a place for these installations that would show the citizens the current status of Penza. This company – let’s not name it – reacted first. It ordered this art object somewhere I don’t know. It doesn’t cause anything with me, personally. If our tastes differ, there are many ‘fora’ and locations for critique. Although… Such a style for the girl… Easy to see why some people may find it less pretty. But why not?” the mayor replied.

“No decision is final. If you decided it’s bad, we will remove it tomorrow, and that’s the end of it. We are not going to fight over it, are we?” the city administration head added. 

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