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Demand for MTS business services in Penza region triples

16:52 | 31.08.2015 | Society


Penza, 31 August 2015. PenzaNews. The demand for MTS business services in the Penza region has tripled over the last year, the press service of the communications provider informed PenzaNews agency.

“The largest growing clients base is seen in services ‘Autosecretary’ and ‘MTS-Communicator’: the demand for them increased by five times over the year. ‘Autosecretary’ remains one of the more popular MTS business-services that helps managing all incoming calls regardless of the load and distribute them effectively, thus improving the client relations situation. ‘MTS-Communicator’ provides a convenient tool for SMS-messaging with the staff, clients and partners and allows to set up an effective and timely alert system,” the company representatives explained.

The corporate clients also find great interest in VPN and APN services, the press service added.

“They are used by the majority of the regional companies, including ‘Penzenskaya Gorelectroset,’ ‘Liftservis’ and Bank Kuznetsky. Our VPN service helps bring together several remote services and branch companies in a unified network with secure data exchange within it, while the APN service enhances security. The demand for these services has doubled over the year,” the company said.

According to Alexander Kolodkin, head of the Penza MTS branch, the telecom solutions are also gaining popularity among the company’s corporate client portfolio, joining the ranks of traditional voicelines and mobile Internet access.

“Use of modern services allows a company to streamline its business processes and cut down the expenses by as much as 20%, making business very effective and maintaining the quality of service at the highest level,” he stressed.

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