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Penza schools held official events to commemorate Knowledge Day

12:37 | 01.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 1 September 2015. PenzaNews. The schools of Penza held numerous official events to commemorate the First of September, Knowledge Day. One of the most vivid events took place in the EMERCOM cadet school No. 70 of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Penza schools held official events to commemorate Knowledge Day

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The official event in the cadet school was attended by the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev, the city head Victor Kuvaytsev, the mayor Yuri Krivov, the WWII and the Stalingrad Battle veteran Vladimir Kerkhanadzhev, and officials.

In his address to the gathering, the school director Evgeny Vybornov expressed his gratitude to the head of the region for allowing them use the building formerly occupied by the community college No. 40 on a free-of-charge basis, and Victor Kuvaytsev for assisting the repairs of the primary building.

He also congratulated the school students, their parents and their teachers with the beginning of a new school year.

In return, Ivan Belozertsev stressed the rich traditions of the school No. 70, the excellent skills of the teaching staff, and the school’s potential due to the expansion of the GPZ-24 residential area population.

“The current school curriculum is a tough and big one. But it is exactly what we need, as we all understand that Russia needs well-educated youth. After finishing the school, you will continue on to the higher education or community colleges and use the knowledge you will have gained to develop the country’s economy, industry and social field. This school has everything for you to do so,” the acting governor emphasized.

He also awarded letters of gratitude to the more active teachers, as well as the grade 8 cadet Anton Shurkin who bravely and skillfully helped rescue several people injured in a fire, and gave the school a certificate for eight sets of furniture.

He was followed by Victor Kuvaytsev, who wished the teachers fruitful work, and the students new inspirations during their education.

“I think most of the cadets present here understand the importance of their mission to expand the glorious traditions of the school. […] I believe that your time in the school should be not only interesting but comfortable. The fact that education is the heaviest line of expenses in our budget further stresses the importance of this task for our society and our city,” the Penza head stressed.

He presented letters of gratitude to teachers, parents and students, and rewarded the school with a certificate for medical equipment.

In his turn, Yuri Krivov pointed out that the school not only teaches people various knowledge but also “builds the character, the outlook on life, on the world.”

“A cadet is a man who decides to dedicated his life to service. This is the greatest value of all taught within this school,” he says.

After another round of reward, the city administration head presented the school a certificate for 10 chalkboard and lightsets.

Vladimir Kerkhanadzhev also congratulated the students and the teachers with the beginning of a new school year.

“From the name and on behalf of the city war, labor, army and law enforcement veterans council, I congratulate you with your school named after the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. Treasure the honor and the dignity of this high title for your whole life. […] I wish you to remain an example school for the whole Penza region,” he said.

In the end of the event, the cadets of the EMERCOM school No. 70 of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory held a solemn march.

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