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Penza Alcoholics Anonymous celebrate Sobriety Day in Russia

13:59 | 11.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 11 September 2015. PenzaNews. The members of the Penza city Alcoholics Anonymous organization held a campaign on Moskovskaya street on Friday, September 11, dedicated to Russian Sobriety Day.

The passers-by were able to talk to the activists, ask relevant questions and share their problems.

The AA representatives also gave away business cards with information about them.

The campaign aimed to tell the citizens about the activities of the organization, one of the members of Alcoholics Anonymous who declined to be named told PenzaNews agency.

“That’s why we’re here. We give away business cards with our information, try to tell people there are ways to cure alcoholism, that an alcoholic may stop drinking and enjoy a happy, sober and long life,” the speaker said.

According to the man, the Penza AA organization will celebrate its three-year anniversary in September.

“We meet at 19.00 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the old building of the Lermontov regional library,” he said, pointing out that they are non-commercial and volunteer-formed.

“We have neither managers nor a board, we are our own masters. We have no entry and membership fees. We support each other only through our own voluntary donations. If a new member comes, we demand nothing of him,” the Alcoholics Anonymous member explained.

According to him, the only necessary requirement for a person to be admitted to the organization is their intention to give up drinking.

“All of us there are alcoholics, and we all are sober. We all are equal, be you a homeless or a deputy. If you come to our community, you are equal to us all,” the speaker said.

He also noted that people frequently stay away from them as they are afraid to encounter another covert religious sect recruitment operation in disguise.

“We are not a religious group. We follow the American ‘Twelve Steps’ program. All is based on it,” he elaborated.

The organization already involves over 10 members, the activist added.

“If a person comes to our group and begins the program, they stay here: it becomes sort of a part of your life. Staying here gives me strong immunity against alcohol. I know I won’t drink if I keep that up,” the speaker stressed.

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