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Penza school students given chance to take part in Russian TV art festival

09:23 | 19.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 19 September 2015. PenzaNews. The Russian TV art festival “Teleklass” opens its admission period for the school children all over the country, including the Penza region, who want to take part in its contest. Admissions can be submitted by November 20, 2015.

According to the event organizers, the digital technologies used to create, edit and publish videos have become widespread, and the school children are actively using them, but the extracurricular video works of the pupils still lag behind the TV standards, and the festival aims to uplift the average level of amateur video works and the overall culture level of the youth.

This year’s contest features 9 categories: Safe Childhood Zone (social advertising), Gogol-Mogol (entertainment shows), Cartoon Creature (graphics and animation), Professional Choice (educational shows), Remember Me (videos about veterans), School News (news shows), Musical Videoreel (vocal clips), Our Home Russia (reels about the country’s history and nature), and Police And Youth: Law Is My Friend.

The winners will be chosen by the jury and through the open online vote in November 20-29.

The members of the jury will be chosen from the charity foundation “Blagodat,” the Association of the Central and Northwestern Russian Cities, the Association of the Volga Russian Cities, the municipal area association “Cities of Ural,” and the Association of Siberia and Far East Cities (3-4 persons from each association from city administration, children and youth TV channels editorial staff, and educational institutions).

The winners will be rewarded in December.

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