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Rostelecom adds TV-Penza channel to Interactive TV service list

12:00 | 23.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 23 September 2015. PenzaNews. Rostelecom has added the channel TV-Penza to its Interactive TV service. It is now available 24/7 as the channel No. 22 for all Interactive TV customers in the Penza region.

The decision to cooperate with the service provider will bring the channel closer to the audience, the editor-in-chief of TV-Penza Marina Anfalova pointed out.

“Now even more people will learn about the key events in our region. Any viewer will find something for themselves in our list of shows,” she pointed out.

In his turn, Lev Dyatlov, director of the Penza branch for Rostelecom, stressed the fact that diversity and great opportunities were always the vital features of the Interactive TV service.

“The addition of TV-Penza to our list is another step towards the clients interested in the news of the city’s life. In turn, we offer TV-Penza our growing Interactive TV customer base, currently already including over 35,000 families throughout the region,” he stressed.

TV-Penza is a 24/7 entertainment and news channel, with broadcasts available online and through cable TV networks. Its key features are live reports on mass cultural and civil events in the region, as well as unique shows such as “Tea Talk (Za Chashkoy Chaya),” “World At Hand (Dostupny Mir),” “Penza Speaks (Penza Govorit),” “Meridian 45,” “Road to Profession (Put’ v Professiyu),” and more.

The Interactive TV service allows to customize the client’s TV settings for each user. The list of channels from Rostelecom includes over 200 digital broadcasts, including up to 30 in HD, while the Watch Control feature allows to pause, rewind and rewatch shows, including the past broadcasts up to three days back. Moreover, the Video Rental service provides access to over 2,000 films, TV series, cartoons, performances, educational and popular science shows.

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