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Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev holds meeting with citizens

13:38 | 23.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 23 September 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev has held a personal meeting with the citizens on Wednesday, September 23, in the receiving office of the United Russia party chairman Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, July 20.

Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev holds meeting with citizens

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The meeting involved 15 people, including the husband of the Isayan family with four children, including one suffering from cerebral palsy.

The head of the family, Nairi Isayan, asked Victor Kuvaytsev for assistance with their housing: the parents and the children reside in the Kolyshley family and entered the program “Young Family” in 2010, but still did not receive the housing they were promised in the program.

He also added that they were forced to move to the Penza city in 2007 to provide medical treatment for the sick child, while he has to work hard to feed his family.

“The government gave us money when our children were born. We left it intact on purpose, to buy a place to live. All documents in order. As of the past year, we are the first in the queue for the housing,” Isayan Nairi pointed out, saying they were refused the new housing until the end of the year as the city budget lacked the money.

Victor Kuvaytsev assured him the authorities will analyze the situation.

“A week will be enough for us. We will invite you,” said the city head, advising Nairi Isayan to seek for a better and higher-paying job.

“I’ld like to commend you on your family, big and tightly-knit. My strongest support and health-wishings to your son! As for the situation you’ve mentioned, we’ll figure it out,” Victor Kuvaytsev promised.

The city head also heard out the complaint from Lyudmila Timofeeva, a resident of Spartakovskaya street, 28, who told the official about the delayed repairs of the perimeter payment and the piping of the apartment building.

“It’s been three weeks since our basement level got flooded due to bad piping. Very nasty. The urban management company received a repair request on September 2, but they can’t fulfill their contractual obligations as they have no access to the area of ‘Serebryany Bor’ health resort where the piping lies,” the woman explained.

According to her, the management of the health resort intentionally restricts access for the workers.

“The perimeter pavement broke down on the side facing ‘Serebryany Bor,’ and a repair order was filed in 2012. Again, they cannot repair it for the same reason,” Lyudmila Timofeeva added.

Victor Kuvaytsev told her the EMERCOM department of Penza city will take upon this problem.

“They will make sure to involve all city services to remedy the issue as soon as possible,” he said.

During the question, the city head took a short break to give a personal call to the EMERCOM department head Alexei Mikhailov and asked him to undertake the necessary measures.

“I’ll ask more about it in a visit,” Victor Kuvaytsev noted.

The next complaint came from Vera Smetankina, an elderly woman, who asked the head of the city to add the apartment building No. 7 on Prigorodnaya street in the dilapidated building residents resettlement program.

“Our house was built in 1962. Never had any capital repair. 16 flats, 24 people living there, 14 of them are Veterans of Labor, four Second World War veterans,” she said.

The woman stressed that the apartment building did receive the status of dilapidated housing earlier, but currently there are no plans to include it in the resettlement program at the moment that she knows.

Victor Kuvaytsev placed emphasis on the dilapidated housing status document.

He added that the situation will be analyzed, after whish she will receive the explanation of the situation and more advice on how to act.

Further on, the city head reviewed the issues on garage privatization, illegal house parkings, land and tax issues.

Victor Kuvaytsev consulted all visitors and promised them assistance in their difficult situations.

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