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First batch of items for fire victims sent from Penza to Kuznetsk

18:05 | 24.09.2015 | Society


Penza, 24 September 2015. PenzaNews. The first batch of clothing donated for the fire victims in Kuznetsk through the charity campaign founded and managed by the PenzaNews reporter Anna Volkova was sent to Kuznetsk, with the assistance of the regional branch of All-Russian People’s Front (APF) and its head, president of the charity foundation in support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov” Anna Kuznetsova.

First batch of items for fire victims sent from Penza to Kuznetsk

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Early in the morning, the volunteers loaded two cars with boxes and bags with winter clothing, shoes, plates and cups, linen, painkillers and stationery donated by citizens and civil organizations, along with baby products, baby food and a winter pram.

The cars loaded with donated aid arrived to Sverdlova street, 109 in Kuznetsk, the apartment building that got damaged in the fire, by noon.

They were met by the 30 fire victims, who were free to choose items for themselves. One of them Natalya Puzrakova, found sets of clothing for herself and her mother, and also the stationery.

“Many people lost everything. Even most of those who lost nothing to the fire suffered from the flood. We had to throw many things away, including the furniture,” the speaker said.

At the moment, the people desperately need the medicaments, as the sudden disaster undermined their physical and emotional health.

“We have many elderly people here in the apartment building. Of course we need medicine for blood pressure. As for children, many are allergic to something. Mine [my daughter], for example, has problems breathing, she needs Berodual. All kids are sick. All have cold, all are coughing,” Natalya Puzrakova said.

The woman also reported the first cases of looting in the house damaged by the fire, as somebody broke into her flat and stole several meters of wiring and the wall hangers.

Because of possible looting, many residents of the apartment building choose to not leave their flats, in spite of them being unsuitable for human residence due to damage. One of them is Nadezhda Protasova who is determined to protect her property, even with no power, gas or water supply.

“I will stay here. I’m ashamed of the fact that my house burned down. I will not accept any help,” Nadezhda Protasova told PenzaNews agency.

In his turn, Sergei Agapov, resident of one of the flats in the damaged house, expressed his happiness over the campaign that helped his family obtain a winter pram free of charge.

“We’d have to buy it anyway, but our budgets greatly contracted. […] We all struggle to learn when we will be able to return to our legal place of residence and of assistance, not just from the public but from the state,” he said.

Maria Syzrantseva, another person who lost her home, also thanked the campaigners.

“This aid is simply vital. Many do not get who needs what. Everyone need everything – from a towel and beyond,” she pointed out.

According to her, the fire victims still have problems coping with the situation, even a month after the disaster.

“We still feel the same as during the fire, everyone is on edge. We want our house to be repaired, as people got left on the street,” Maria Syzrantseva added.

The charity campaign continues accepting items for the fire victims.

The fire in the apartment building No. 109 on Sverdlova street, located in Kuznetsk of the Penza region, took over the house at night into September 1, 2015.

Based on preliminary data, the fire had been sparked on the fourth floor due to negligence of one of the residents. The emergent firestorm destroyed the roof and the fourth floor, and severely damaged the third floor as well, while the flats on the first and second floors were flooded during the firefight.

As a result, the apartment building was rendered uninhabitable and had been disconnected from gas, power, heat and water lines.

The people who lost their homes were given free two-week stay in a Kuznetsk hotel: however, they currently have to search for a new place to live on their own. While some moved to their relatives, several people – like Nadezhda Protasova and her daughter Maria – chose to stay in their flats and protect their property.

Many fire victims lost their documents, all warm clothing, and money.

A charity campaign aims to gather items and clothing for the people, among whom are 15 children aged 3 months to 12 years; provide them legal and psychological assistance; and help them in any other way. The list of vital necessities for the fire victims includes a winter pram, good winter clothing, baby care products, dishes and cups, medicine, and nonperishable foods.

One of the first participants of the charity campaign was Elena Kamena, pediatrician of the Penza childhoold clinic No. 8, who donated several bags of baby food, clothing and stationary to the people in need. Moreover, several other people took part in the campaign by donating vital items for the fire victims, but chose to remain anonymous.

The charity campaign was created and is managed by PenzaNews reporter Anna Volkova. The phone numbers for those who want to help the victims of the fire in Kuznetsk are +7 (8412) 999-105, +7-927-386-44-76.

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