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Penza drivers rated most careful in Russia

15:03 | 01.10.2015 | Society


Penza, 1 October 2015. PenzaNews. Car drivers on Penza roads are the most careful in Russia, according to the results of the 4th accident risk rating of cities published by the underwriting department of “AlfaStrakhovanie” on Thursday, October 1.

Penza drivers rated most careful in Russia

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The rating was based on declared traffic accidents from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015, that involved CNC-insured company customers, and includes 30 Russian cities with over 1,000 new CNC insurances signed over the aforementioned time span.

Penza citizens end up in an accident as rarely as once in 2.85 years, with CNC insurance use frequency at 0.35, says “AlfaStrakhovanie.”

The top of the safe roads rating also includes Belgorod, Lipetsk and Stavropol, who keep slightly behind with the following figures: 2.77 years per accident, frequency at 0.36; 2.56 years, freq 0.39; and 2.56 years, freq 0.39, respectively.

According to company analysts, the drivers in Izhevsk are the most careless, with one declared traffic accident per 1.3 years. Nevertheless, the trend there aims upwards, with traffic accident rate decreasing by 1.2%.

The country-wide average CNC insurance claim incidence period increased by 1.2% to 1.64 years, while the frequency decreased from 0.62 to 0.61.

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