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Penza gymnasium No. 1 holds Gymnasium Duma election

11:29 | 03.10.2015 | Society


Penza, 3 October 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza Belinsky classic gymnasium No. 1 has held the election to the local Gymnasium Duma – the student body’s self-governing body of the highest level.

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The gymnasium-wide election attracted great attention of the voters – students of classes 5-11 and teachers, the Education Department of the city told PenzaNews agency.

“Kirill Varlamov, Victoria Simakova, Matvei Mishinev and Mikhail Penzin were re-elected,” they clarified.

According to its statute, the Gymnasium Duma is a large-scale representative body for the educational institution’s student community that allows them to participate in the management process by shaping its management policy, modernizing the educational process, as well as choosing the direction for recreational and other activities.

The Gymnasium Duma develops, submits for the gymnasium administration’s review, and approves the main documents that define the working process of the gymnasium, as well as facilitates their fulfillment via assistance of students, teachers and parents.

Moreover, the Gymnasium Duma holds debates on the plans drafted by the gymnasium administration and offers its advice on possible amendments.

In return, the gymnasium administration is allowed to give the student deputies additional tasks, apart from studies and the deputy mission, but only on mutual agreement.

The 11 deputies of the Gymnasium Duma are elected via direct closed vote for a 1-year term. The voter body features all gymnasium students, 5 class and above, as well as teachers and staff members.

The primary and secondary election are held in the beginning of the school year, and on the last week of September.

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