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Best Penza region teachers rewarded in central city

15:09 | 05.10.2015 | Society


Penza, 5 October 2015. PenzaNews. Over 50 teachers received their much-deserved rewards during the official event in the gubernatorial hall on Monday, October 5, dedicated to Teachers Day.

Best Penza region teachers rewarded in central city

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The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev was the first to congratulate the audience with their professional holiday.

The head of the region remarked that he called his sister, a teacher, before the official event to ask her for advice on best wishes.

“She said a teacher needs attention,” Ivan Belozertsev pointed out.

The governor stressed the importance of creating the necessary conditions for opening more time for teacher-student contact instead of paperwork.

“I already instructed the Penza region Education Ministry to make suggestions on shrinking down paperwork,” he said.

The teachers met these words with an ovation.

Ivan Belozertsev also pointed out that the modern life creates new tasks for the teacher and raises the minimum plank for the student’s preparedness level.

According to the governor, the education field is still full with unsolved issues, but the teachers, the authorities and the parents realize they must unite to resolve them.

“I sincerely wish you to see gratitude in the eyes of your current or former pupils when you enter your classroom or meet them on the street – the eyes of those people whom you have sent off to life. May you be happy, healthy, prosperous and successful,” wished the governor.

Ivan Belozertsev also congratulated the new Honorary Workers of General Education: Svetlana Andreeva from the regional children tourists station; Olga Andriyashkina, nursery teacher at the Penza kindergarten No. 7; Lyudmila Malyazina, school teacher from Shemysheika; Valentina Rodchanina, teacher at the school No. 218 in Zarechny; and Galina Sirotina from the Neverkino village school.

Moreover, Lyudmila Yeremina, professor of the Penza multidisciplinary college, was named the Honorary Worker of College Education.

Elena Tymchenko, director of the multidisciplinary gymnasium No. 13, received the diploma of a winner in the Russian Schools Exhibition.

Further on, the best teachers of the region were rewarded with letters of gratitude and honorary diplomas.

In conclusion of the event, the teachers received their congratulations of the day from the chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly Valery Lidin, the Penza mayor Yuri Krivov, and the acting city head Roman Petrukhin.

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