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Victor Kuvaytsev harshly criticizes Penza urban management companies

16:23 | 16.10.2015 | Society


Penza, 16 October 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza city urban management companies did poorly at the start of the heating season, said the city head Victor Kuvaytsev during the October 16 session of the permanent City Duma committee on urban amenities, city beautification and ecology that took place on Friday.

Victor Kuvaytsev harshly criticizes Penza urban management companies

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In particular, his outrage was directed against the report of the Penza city Urban Amenities Department Mikhail Kudimov, who announced that 12 out of the 2,979 apartment buildings in the city are still left without heating.

“Mikhail Nikolaevich, do you know that the indoors temperature in these houses is +10°C? Over 50 children live there. Did any person from the administration visit their flats? Did anyone speak to the citizens?” Victor Kuvaytsev asked.

He added that the residents should have received actual information on heating supply dates, while the officials should have recommended families with children to temporarily move in to the municipal resort “Solnyshko” or offer them warm clothing and heaters.

“The citizens take offense when they are left without any information, without any dialogue, without any aid, so they call us bad. Think of the people like you think of your own families,” said the city head.

After hearing out the explanations, Victor Kuvaytsev instructed to hold a meeting in the houses in question and visit the flats in them with information on heating supply dates.

Also, the city head warned the urban amenities officials against providing only poor heating.

“If you begin supplying heating, it must be hot, not lukewarm. Either provide it in high quality, or simply make it free of charge,” he stressed.

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