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Over 20 experts discuss noneconomic regional development factors in Penza

18:31 | 30.10.2015 | Society


Penza, 30 October 2015. PenzaNews. Over 20 experts from Russia, Germany, England and Canada are taking part in the two-day international research and practice conference “Noneconomic Factors of Regional Development” that began in the Penza State University on Friday, October 30.

Over 20 experts discuss noneconomic regional development factors in Penza

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The forum is organized by the PSU, the Russian office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS), and the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO).

In an opening speech to the conference, Sergei Vasin, Doctor of Economics, PSU pro-rector of international activities, welcomed the guests of the event from rector Alexander Gulyakov, and reminded this is the third such forum.

While economy is indispensable for the modern life, the social component of relations is no less important, he stressed.

“If we approach the solutions from an economic point of view, we obviously omit seeing the influence of social factors, political, confession-related and so forth, and these factors can nullify all apparent economic activity,” Sergei Vasin said.

He also thanked the guests who arrived from other parts of Russia and abroad, and expressed his belief that mutual cooperation will continue even after the forum ends.

“I always take note how difficult it is to travel and attend conferences, not just in other countries but even in other regions. And the fact that our colleagues are currently present shows the interest to this topic and to our university,” the PSU pro-rector of international activities noted.

In turn, Tiina Farni, Director of the Russian office for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, called the opening forum an important one.

She stressed that her organization maintains long-standing cooperation with the Penza State University, the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, and the Bashkortostan Academy of State Service and Management, all three of which are represented by their speakers with reports.

“I wish you all, in particular students and postgraduates who are present here today and listen to us, good impressions and interesting discussions,” said the director of the Russian office the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

The audience was also welcomed by Olga Surina, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, director of the Belinsky Pedagogical Institute of the Penza State University; and Anna Ochkina, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, head of the Methodology of Science, Social Theories and Technologies subdepartment.

The official opening part of the forum was followed with a plenary meeting under the topic “Cultural Potential of a Region – Components, Development Factors and Economic Importance.” During the discussion that ensured, the speakers debated the relation between economic and noneconomic factors, and influence of these factors on regional development, living standards and the process of finding solutions to acute issues for the society and the state.

Next, the discussion continued as part of two thematic subpanels – “Universities as Heart of City and Region,” and “Cultural Life of a Province: Issues, Possibilities, Development Sources.”

In the upcoming Saturday, October 31, the forum participants will move from Penza to the tourism complex “Chistye Prudy” in the Mokshan area, where their work will continue as part of the two remaining sections – “Image of a City – From Brand to Reality and Back. Components and Factors of City’s Life and Development,” and “Socio-Cultural and Socio-Economic Potential of Tourism.”

The day’s schedule will also include a workshop by Alan Freeman, co-director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group in Winnipeg, Canada, titled “Fine Questions of Urban Development: Case Study for London.”

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