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Two-day Penza book fair attracts public attention mere hours after opening

13:29 | 07.11.2015 | Society


Penza, 7 November 2015. PenzaNews. The two-day book fair that opened its doors at the Penza youth center in the morning of Saturday, November 7, attracted great public interest mere hours after its beginning.

Two-day Penza book fair attracts public attention mere hours after opening

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The exhibitions of new books at affordable prices have spanned over two floors of the building. In addition, the book fair will feature over 40 various events that will follow one another throughout the two days.

In particular, the Saturday began with an open-doors event about the history of Park Belinsky magazine in the presentation hall, where Penza citizens could ask questions to its publisher Valentin Manuylov and the authors.

The so-called Ivan Mozzhukhin Cinema Corridor started a mini-festival of documental films that opened with a 135-minute reel “Walks with Brodsky.”

The public also took great interest in the children’s playground, and the Poetic Bunker.

Tons of books were brought to Penza specifically for the event, Oleg Rubtsov, organizer of the fair, told PenzaNews agency.

Though it was difficult to estimate the amount of books bought during the first hours, the number of visitors exceeded the estimates, he said.

“It’s hard to say the fair is a success just yet, but there is certainly some interest,” Oleg Rubtsov continued.

The Penza city administration head Yuri Krivov was one of the first visitors of the event that opened at the youth center.

“My expectations for this fair are the same as for the previous one: interesting people to talk to, new impressions, engaging discussions, debates, and, of course, some books to take home,” he commented for PenzaNews agency.

He had bought approximately 5-10 new books during the previous book fairs, the mayor added.

Yuri Krivov also clarified that he has no book-buying plans for such events.

“I come by and see how I feel. I buy some books based on recommendations, including from those who organize it, some because I saw something or read online,” he explained.

According to the head of the city administration, he plans to take the guests of the book fair for a tour through the city – its historic center, Sovetskaya square, and a possible visit to the Philharmonic Hall and the cinema and concert hall.

The youth center will be open until the night.

The event will resume at 11.00 of Sunday, November 8.

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