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Rostelecom presents “Interactive TV 2.0” in Penza

10:52 | 04.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 4 December 2015. PenzaNews. Rostelecom has presented its out-of-the-box OTT package solution “Interactive TV 2.0” in an event that took place at the Penza restaurant “Chamonix Montblanc” located in “Passazh” shopping center.

Rostelecom presents “Interactive TV 2.0” in Penza

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The invited guests of the event – journalists and bloggers – were among the first to learn more about the new solution that allows clients to watch TV and on-request videos available via “Interactive TV” service using any Internet access point by any ISP.

During the demonstration, the audience was able to assure that Rostelecom follows its goal to include the maximum amount of HD TV and video content into its service possible, and make it available to customers using any channel.

In particular, recently the company has launched its new multimedia portal and apps for tablets and Smart TVs.

The new “Interactive TV” OTT-adapter can be connected to any screen, both by wire and via 3+ Mbps Wi-Fi, helping the users get rid of superfluous wiring if necessary.

“The new TV adapter is the continuation of our one-of-a-kind ‘Interactive TV’ service available throughout the country. Its main feature is the ability to watch your favorite channels and films using any ISP connection in Russia,” Anton Yakovlev, mass market director for the Penza branch of Rostelecom, pointed out during the presentation.

All the settings required to use “Interactive TV” are configured as soon as the adapter goes online, he explained.

“The new TV adapter will measure your Wi-Fi channel bandwidth and install all the required apps and updates automatically. Being compact, the new out-of-the-box ‘Interactive TV 2.0’ can be easily taken anywhere – to your new flat, on a business trip, or for a long journey. Moreover, it is also an excellent New Year present: until 31 December 2015, you can buy the ‘Interactive TV 2.0’ adapter for a special price of 1,990 rubles,” Anton Yakovlev clarified.

The new TV adapter is already available in Rostelecom retail stores in Penza.

The new users of “Interactive TV 2.0” are already connected to the base channel set “Your Start 2.0” that includes 122 channels, including 29 educational, 13 for film fans, 15 for music fans, and 13 for sports fans. Subscription for other packages – “HD 2.0” (4 channels) and “Adult 2.0” (4 channels) – is available separately.

The “Video Rental” service offers over 2,500 films of various genres and decades, including 300 moving pictures in HD and 60 more in 3D, as well as nearly 150 series. Some films are released via “Video Rental” immediately after the end of their cinema run and before the DVD releases, such as the recent films “Furious 7,” “Terminator Genisys,” “Inside Out” and “Jurassic World.”

Moreover, users also can enjoy other popular “Interactive TV” features such as “Watch Control,” “Karaoke,” “Parent Control” and “Multiscreen” – the latter two available for free, while “Watch Control” can be used free of charge through January 2016.

The presentation event also featured an award of the 50,000th customer of the company’s fiber optic services – Anton Ushenin from Penza, who subscribed to the “3-in-1” package of “Home Phone,” “Home Internet” and “Interactive TV.”

Anton Yakovlev rewarded the landmark customer with a present.

The event concluded with a free cake with the Rostelecom emblem, prepared for the “Interactive TV 2.0” presentation.

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