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Russia’s first Stalin Center to open in Penza

09:10 | 06.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 6 December 2015. PenzaNews. Russia’s first Stalin Center will be open in Penza, announced Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the CPRF regional committee, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, during an event dedicated to the anniversary of the 1936 Constitution of the Soviet Union, held on Saturday, December 5.

Russia’s first Stalin Center to open in Penza

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“In 2016, it will be 80 years since the ‘Stalin Constitution’ had been adopted. We decided to pronounced the upcoming year the year of Stalin,” stated the leader of the Communist Party branch in the Penza region.

He also pointed out that “this is also important because there are so many falsehoods and attacks against the legacy of Stalin’s rule and Stalin himself.”

“But the best defense is offense. We will be actively promoting the historical truths, the truth about those years and about Joseph Vissarionovich’s personality,” said the first secretary of the regional Party committee.

The Stalin Center in Penza will be organizing a number of events, such as scientific conferences, public debates, open-doors cinema showings, and a Stalin stipend for History majors, Georgy Kamnev explained.

“The nearest session is scheduled to take place on December 21. On Stalin’s birthday, the Communists will open a photo exhibition dedicated to Joseph Vissarionovich’s life and deeds, and a series of small public rallies with leaflets about the Stalin Center in the CPRF regional committee building. On 5 March 2016, we will hold the Stalin readings in Penza – a big research and practice conference with guests such as well-renowned scientists and writers,” the leader of the Penza Communist Party branch explained.

The crowd that gathered by the monument to Joseph Stalin enthusiastically received this promise.

A veteran railroad worker Nikolai Varlashin said “there’s a famous song that says: ‘In golden letters, we are writing the Stalin’s law for all the nation’.”

“We lived to that law. We survived the war, and lived after the war,” he said.

One of the more eager supporters of the Stalin Center project was Ninel Novoseltseva, chairman of the staff committee to the Penza region CPRF branch, who reminded that the Communists still struggle to rename the city of Volgograd back to Stalingrad.

“We will be continuing this mission and making our little contribution to this deed,” she stressed.

At the end of the public rally, the crowd laid flowers to the Joseph Stalin monument, says the press service of the CPRF regional committee.

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