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Georgy Kamnev deputy center to provide assistance to Nizhny Lomov area residents

10:38 | 06.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 6 December 2015. PenzaNews. The residents of villages Kulak-Nikolskoe and Verkhny Lomov, as well as Nizhny Lomov town, have addressed series of questions to Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the CPRF Penza region committee, head of the Communist Party branch in the Penza region Legislative Assembly, during his visit to the Nizhny Lomov area. The questions will be reviewed in his deputy center to facilitate finding solutions to these issues.

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In particular, a woman living in Verkhny Lomov village sent a complaint about water quality supplied through water pumping wells that are located too far away from one another, which is particularly inconvenient for the elderly. Moreover, the deputy used the visit to touch upon the issues related to the transportation system, work of the local culture club and hospital, and more.

The visit to Nizhny Lomov town attracted the most attention: it lasted for almost 3 hours.

The healthcare issues moved people to submit a great number of complaints. In particular, the local residents expressed their worries over the lack of medical personnel for quality medical assistance – such as an endocrinologist, a position that had been vacant in the local hospital for the last 4 years.

Also, people told the deputy about the issues with insulin supplies for people with diabetes.

Another issue that people asked Georgy Kamnev to deal with is related to heating supply: according to local residents, the authorities convinced them in 2011 to switch over to individual heating due to plans to shut down the boiler-house, forcing them to spend great sums to install new systems, and yet the boiler-house not only kept working but even underwent repairs, leaving people puzzled as to why they were forced to spend money for nothing.

The people also submitted complaints on other topics, such as tax legislation.

Georgy Kamnev promised to turn each and every complaint into a relevant request, with possible consultations to follow from the deputy center lawyers if required.

During his meeting with the people, the first secretary of the CPRF regional committee also told them about the initiatives that the Communist Party deputies support in the Penza region Legislative Assembly and the State Duma, and stressed that the Party has a concrete program to pull the country of the crisis through such measures as village development.

In his comment after the visit to the Nizhny Lomov area, the deputy called the people living there socially active and emphatic.

“You could see it in their questions, in their appeals. You can feel the pain village residents have for their native land. Many were emotional, passionate, when describing the problems that piled up over years. Unfortunately, we cannot solve all the problems at once. But whatever is in my capabilities, whatever is in the capabilities of my deputy center, will be done,” the press service of the CPRF regional committee quotes the regional Communist Party subdivision head.

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