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Penza celebrates Heroes of Fatherland Day

15:41 | 09.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 9 December 2015. PenzaNews. The celebration of Heroes of the Fatherland Day was held in Penza by the “Rostok” monument on Sura river embankment on Wednesday, December 9. It involved representatives of authorities, as well as members of youth and veteran organizations.

Penza celebrates Heroes of Fatherland Day

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In a welcoming word to the crowd, the vice-governor Valery Savin pointed out that Penza citizens, like all Russians, on that day commemorate the heroic deeds of their compatriots who brought glory to their country.

“Only recently, the Russian pilot, Oleg Peshkov, who defended our Fatherland in the skies of Syria, was named a Hero of Russia, posthumously,” he reminded, stressing the fact that Russia will continue to defend its sovereignty and fight international terrorism.

Valery Savin expressed particular gratitude to the veterans.

“I am assured that out youth will aim only for your example,” the vice-governor added.

The event also featured an award ceremony for members of the project “Hero of Our Time”: letters of gratitude were presented to Leonid Zheleznyakov and Nikolai Krutenkov, honored blood donors; Gulnara Yemelina, bearer of the medal “For Saving People From Drowning”; Anna Malyukova, MMA long-time champion of Russia and world vice-champion; and Lyudmila Redina, founder of the dance school “S-Dance.”

The ceremony was followed by a celebration speech of Valery Lidin, chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, to the citizens who gathered at the embankment.

“This holiday holds the glorious legacy of our fathers, great- and great-grand fathers, famed pages in the history of our great Motherland. Today, we return in our minds to the names of those who defended the Fatherland in the Second World War, who bore the international duty outside of our Motherland with honor and dignity, who restored and strengthened the economic power of our country by their labor. These people are a moral example not only to our generation, but also to the future defenders of the Fatherland. Glory and fame to our heroes!” urged the chairman of the regional Parliament.

Heroes of the Fatherland Day was first officially founded in Russia in 2007.

The tradition on that day was first set by the Russian Empress Ekaterina the Second, who founded the supreme military award – Order of St. George, which was awarded to distinguished Russian commanders and to humble soldiers, mariners and Cossacks alike – in November 1769.

The Soviet age saw the creation of the titles of Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of the Socialism Labor, as well as the Order of Glory that continued the legacy of the Order of St. George.

A total of 205 Penza citizens received the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union during the time of its existence. 58 of them received the title posthumously. Moreover, Marshall Nikolai Krylov and Lieutenant General Vasily Glazunov received the title twice.

138 Penza citizens received the title of the Hero of the Socialism Labor; 49 of them bore all three degrees of the Order, and 13 also were Heroes of Russia.

Currently, there are 10 Heroes of the Socialism Labor, and 2 holders of the Order of Labor Glory of three degrees living in the Penza region.

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