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School students-made bird feeders to decorate Akhuny sports track trees

11:40 | 28.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 28 December 2015. PenzaNews. 17 bird feeders made by students of the 2nd class of the school No. 60 will be installed along the bicycle, skiing and roller-skating sports track in Akhuny settlement of Penza city.

The bird feeders were donated to the regional Ministry of Forestry under the countrywide campaign “Feed the Birds!”

As part of the campaign, the school children took part in an eco-lesson where they watched a film about the birds that pass the winter in the Penza region, learned more about feeding them, read poems and proverbs about the birds.

Any citizen of the region can help the birds comfortably survive the winter, said the Ministry of Forestry, Hunting and Natural Resources.

“Birds will be happy to eat any cereal, white bread crumbs, seeds and dried berries,” they added.

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