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Penza region placed 4th in Russian salad ingredients price rating

10:21 | 29.12.2015 | Society


Penza, 29 December 2015. PenzaNews. The website Agro2b.ru placed the Penza region on the fourth best position in the country in its New Year Russian Salad Rating.

The list arranged the Russian regions based on the summary average costs of the necessary ingredients for a bowl of Russian salad (commonly known as Olivier salad in Russia), a must-have dish for a New Year holiday – 300 g of cooked sausage, 5 eggs, 200 g of potatoes, a carrot, an average onion, a cucumber, an apple, a can of green peas, and a salad pack of mayonnaise.

The top three regions in the rating are Mordovia, Kalmykia, and the Lipetsk region, where the ingredients for the salad would cost 177.46 rubles, 185.64 rubles, and 192.69 rubles, respectively.

Meanwhile, the foods necessary for a bowl of the New Year salad would cost 196.04 rubles for the Penza citizens, the analysts say.

According to the authors of the rating, the Penza region was the New Year Russian Salad Rating’s breakthrough of the year, rising from the ninth to the fourth place compared to 2014.

However, they could not name any particular item in the list of ingredients that facilitated the breakthrough, as the Penza region manages to maintain reasonable prices for most of them.

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