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Penza citizens invited to evaluate Sura river embankment concept

18:43 | 08.01.2016 | Society


Penza, 8 January 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza citizens are now able to post their proposals and comments to the concept of development for the Sura river embankment in the period through 2030 that was published on the city administration website.

Penza citizens invited to evaluate Sura river embankment concept

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People are invited to send their comments on the proposed embankment reconstruction project to proekt-pnz@yandex.ru, the press service of the city administration informed PenzaNews agency.

The proposed project is a consolidated vision of the city territories adjacent to the shoreline of Sura river, as envisioned by the Penza architects.

In particular, it features the layout of city spaces that form the Penza city’s landmark area, and proposals for its gradual development, with perspective construction plans and decoration variants.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, the open presentation of the Sura river embankment project, a fruit of work by a team of 25 architects, was held on January 6 in the City Duma session hall.

The work was distributed in three main project fields – city planning, space-planning solution, and environment design – as well as in three time periods – by 2018, 2023, and 2030.

The concept proposes to develop the transportation and pedestrian network of the city, beginning with Bakunina street opening for vehicles and pedestrians, and ending with Zlobina street getting moved away from the shoreline closer to the railroad. Moreover, the project aims to expand the pedestrian zones on Bakuninsky and Kazansky bridges to 2.25 m.

Moreover, the concept proposes to replace the pontoon bridge with a permanent one for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, in order to create a bicycle and pedestrian circle.

In addition, the architects envision a new 35-story dominant complex between Maxima Gorkovo street and the new viaduct. One of their proposals for the new large complex offers to convert it into a combination of a hotel and marriage hall through public-private partnership.

Further on, the project proposes to create a landscape tiered stalls set along the shoreline with a level rise towards Uritskovo street and going down to the waterline, supported by a commercial three-story building.

Also, Bakunina street might see the appearance of a multifunctional culture and entertainment center, the summer market might house an urbanized C-shaped multifunctional residential complex with underground parking and commercial offices. At the same time, the adjacent area of restaurant “Bochka” might feature a high-density historic district with many cafes and restaurants, while the spit of Peski island would include a large object with yet undetermined purpose.

The final development stage would see the appearance of new apartment buildings on the right-side embankment, which will require to demolish the dilapidated housing, while the DOSAAF building would be converted to an art hall following the example of “Vinzavod” in Moscow.

From the design point of view, the embankment space will be divided into three zones: festivities and recreation, historic, and youth and sports.

The zone of festivities and recreation would cover the promenade area, the entertainment park, and the quay, followed by the zone with the seats, the scene and the art zone. Next, it transitions into the historic zone with cafes and quays, circling into the sports zone.

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