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Valery Savelyev checks children’s meals quality in Penza gymnasium No. 4

14:46 | 15.01.2016 | Society


Penza, 15 January 2016. PenzaNews. The city head Valery Savelyev checked the quality of meals in the Penza gymnasium No. 4 “Stupeni” on Friday, January 15. During the visit, he inspected the menu and the mess hall functioning process.

Valery Savelyev checks children’s meals quality in Penza gymnasium No. 4

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A price increase as of January 2016 is a compulsive measure, as the prices had remained unchanged for two years, the Penza city Education Department head Yuri Golodyaev explained to the head of the city.

“They remained at 40 rubles for breakfast and 50 rubles for lunch. I think the people need no explanation on what happened with the prices over the two years of 2014 and 2015,” he stressed.

At the moment, the prices in school mess halls are split into two age groups: for children aged 7-11, breakfast now costs 45 rubles and lunch 65 rubles; while for students 11 years and older, breakfast and lunch are 50 and 70 rubles respectively.

The Education Department head also noted to Valery Savelyev that the range of available meals has increased, and the students of senior classes now can choose their meals.

“That is at least 3-4 salads, 1-2 first courses, 2-4 second courses with side dishes. Also, pastries and drinks. That is a very good offer. The senior class students […] prefer to have a choice,” Yuri Golodyaev added.

According to Valeria Vishnenkova, director of the gymnasium No. 4 “Stupeni,” the price increase for breakfast and lunches had no negative effect on the percentage of students using the mess hall services.

She explained that 82% of the 655 gymnasium students are getting regular meals, while the rest prefer to buy food in the buffet: junior students eat two school meals a day, seniors – one, and 11th class students have a choice in the matter.

“Earlier, we had to reduce the gross weight of meat dishes, for example, do without fresh vegetables, as we simply could not buy them for the money, now everything is according to the menu. The second courses follow the set regulations, the menu is completely based on the menu by Rospotrebnadzor. Now we have fruit, which was absent or infrequent, dairy foods that was not there at all in the first half [of 2015], and some more, like cheese, may appear in addition,” she said.

According to Valeria Vishnenkova, the increase in meal weight was a noticeable one, and the first reactions show that the children are happy.

The gymnasium students themselves affirmed the notion in their discussions with Valery Savelyev.

The students pointed out that the meals are now filling enough to last them for the whole day of school.

Next, Valery Savelyev asked the questions to the parents, who, in turn, said they are satisfied with the way the school mess hall works and assured him they are constantly monitoring the quality of meals.

In conclusion of his visit, Valery Savelyev pointed out that he sought to improve the mood of parents and children after the price increase.

“After the talk with the parents, the children, it is now clear that the amount of food the children eat follows all norms,” the city head stressed.

According to him, the Penza authorities will continue to constantly monitor the school meals situation in the future.

“Of course, if we get an opportunity […] later on with a decreased budget deficit, we will try to help parents with [paying for] children’s meals,” Valery Savelyev said.

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