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This year’s annual Penza festival “Journalists Sing” dedicated to Year of Cinema

10:13 | 16.01.2016 | Society


Penza, 16 January 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza youth center hosted the 9th annual festival “Journalists Sing,” dedicated to the Year of Cinema in Russia, on Friday, January 15.

This year’s annual Penza festival “Journalists Sing” dedicated to Year of Cinema

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It was produced, for the first time, by Polina Kachalova, daughter of Nina Golubina, author and artistic director of the project.

Nina Golubina herself admitted that these reasons make this year’s festival twice as emotional for her.

“I see that all artists are ready, each goes through the emotion on their own. But, as I always say, they are stars. They can get themselves together, gather the thoughts, get out on the stage and show [the results]. And I believe that today this beam of energy, positive charge will hit the audience […] and the viewers will go home inspired after our concert,” she said before the festival.

In turn, the event producer Polina Kachalova explained that the base plot of this concert is a story of life and people with “a very kind and good conclusion.”

The festival opening featured a welcoming word from Alexander Elatontsev, who congratulated the media with the recently celebrated Day of Russian Print, and wished the performers luck, health and success in their craft.

“I know you did a lot of preparation, chose the costumes. Every one of you carefully chose the songs, because everybody wants to truly show their talent,” he pointed out.

The festival participants performed the well-known songs from Russian and foreign films, such as “V Dushe Moey Pokoya Net,” “Pozvoni Mne, Pozvoni,” “Odessky Port,” “Volshebnik-Nedouchka,” “Esli u Vas Netu Teti,” “Kukushka,” “Ostrov Nevezeniya,” and more. The audience witnessed the performing skills of Svetlana Volodina, Ekaterina Borisova, Alexander Kislov, Ekaterina Milenkaya, Oleg Tkachev, Dinara Shadykhanova, Irina Zharova, Natalya Sizova, Vladimir Verzhbovsky, Ilya Mureev, Olga Makeeva, Maxim Tokarev, Valery Barkhatov, Alexei Dyukov and Nina Golubina.

The performances by journalists were accompanied by videoreels from relevant films on the two screens by the stage.

The guest performers of the festival were young Penza artists Luiza Naumova and Sergei Naumov, who performed the song “Kak Zhili My, Boryas” from the film “Ne Boysya, Ya s Toboy.”

The concert concluded with a joint song “Pesnya o Khoroshem Nastroenii” from “Karnavalnaya Noch,” sung by all concert artists together with the author of the project Nina Golubina.

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