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Iva village holiday center obligated to recompense for accident that resulted in injuries

14:53 | 21.01.2016 | Society


Penza, 21 January 2016. PenzaNews. The Nizhny Lomov area court in the Penza region obligated the Iva village holiday center, a municipal state enterprise of the Golitsyno village council, to pay compensation for moral damages to a woman who was injured during sledding on an inflatable snow saucer.

Iva village holiday center obligated to recompense for accident that resulted in injuries

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“It was established that in February 2014, the woman of a young age went out of the boundaries of the sledding track that was not corded off with a fence, and collided with a ropeway support tower. As a result, she received four closed fractures,” an official representative of the Nizhny Lomov area court told PenzaNews agency.

Following the incident, the woman underwent a series of operations, and lost at least a third of her capacity to earn a living, which significantly limited her choice of future career, the source said.

“Tamara Plotnikova, director of the holiday resort, was deemed guilty in the incident in the verdict of 25 June 2014, as she directly managed the resort activities of the company and was responsible for lives and health of workers and clients,” the court representative said.

According to the source, in December 2015, the court reviewing the suit to compensation for moral damages in December 2015 found that the woman suffered because of careless activities of the health resort director, who, in turn, did not attempt to reconcile or recompense for the incident in any way.

“As Tamara Plotnikova sustained damages on the job, the court instructed the legal entity, that is, the Iva village holiday resort of the Golytsino village council, to recompense for moral damages,” the Nizhny Lomov court representative said, adding that the claimant herself declined to enforce recompentsation.

“If the holiday resort lacks the funds, the liability to pay compensation for moral damages will be placed on the Golytsino village council administration,” he explained.

He stressed that the court sentence has not yet entered into force.

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