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School students visit “PenzaNews” agency editorial office under “PROdvizhenie” program

16:47 | 21.01.2016 | Society


Penza, 21 January 2016. PenzaNews. The students of the linguistics gymnasium No. 6 and the Penza school No. 28 paid a visit to the editorial office of PenzaNews agency on Thursday, January 21, where they learned more about its inner workings.

School students visit “PenzaNews” agency editorial office under “PROdvizhenie” program

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The visit of the students was a part of the municipal cluster project “PROdvizhenie” that seeks to help them make a conscious choice of their future professions.

The PenzaNews agency editor-in-chief organized a general tour through the office for the group of 16 school students accompanied by three teachers. He told the visitors about the agency staff members and the functions each of them perform.

Following that, the group moved into the PenzaNews agency press center.

Originally, the plan for the event featured a meeting with the city head Valery Savelyev, who had graduated the Penza gymnasium No. 6 in 1980 and wanted to have a discussion with the current school students: however, the official could not come due to work obligations.

During the visit, the children took a shot at working as reporters, as they asked on-the-point questions of interest to the PenzaNews agency editor-in-chief Pavel Polosin and the agency director Ivan Malikov, who posed as speakers during a press conference.

Pavel Polosin explained to the children a set of simple rules for a person at a press conference, including introducing themselves before addressing the newsmaker.

During the Q&A session, Irina Nikitina, gymnasium No. 6 student, asked about the reasons why PenzaNews agency changed its location several times.

“In 2007, when the agency had just been created and was yet to register as a media source, it was located in a 16 sq. meter office on Gagarina street, where we had a staff of three people. Then we moved – took over two offices in the same building. In 2009, ‘PenzaNews’ agency began organizing press conferences, but the press hall was in the Bank Kuznetsky building, which was not very convenient. Next, in 2011, we moved to Mira street where we opened a ‘PenzaNews’ agency press center. Later on, the editorial office temporarily moved to Sverdlova street, and since 2014, we are based here, on Kalinina street, 119A, where, as you can see, we have everything for our journalists to work,” Pavel Polosin explained.
He also described the structure of the news agency website, showing some of the sections on the TV screen. The students took particular interest in the “Photos” section and the English version of the website.

Another question addressed to the editor-in-chief by the student was related to the circumstances of working as a journalist.

“Being a journalist is tough, but very interesting. It is tough, because you need to keep a lot of information in your ”mind, and not just on work days. This is more like a lifestyle. A person who works in news reporting becomes somewhat dependent on information – they constantly seek to learn about various events, analyze data, find new details, spread the information,” Pavel Polosin said.

Moreover, a journalist who visits various events has a unique opportunity to learn more about not only the lives of the people belonging to various professions, but also the inner workings of the world, he added.

“It is crucial to avoid any burnout, avoid getting ‘worn out’ by the day’s events, and instead always find something interesting,” stressed the PenzaNews agency editor-in-chief.

Also, Pavel Polosin noted that he sees journalism as a craft, and a reporter as a person who must serve the society.

Other questions asked by students were related to career education, salary level in the Penza region media, and the qualities required for a successful journalist.

In the final part of their visit, the school students themselves described the media projects they are developing in their educational institutions under the program “PROdvizhenie.”

In conclusion, Pavel Polosin and Ivan Malikov wished the students to remain curious, actively learn new technologies, and always strive to achieve something new.

The visit was followed by a photo session for the children who took the opportunity to make photos at the press center panel and in newsmakers’ chairs.

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