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Penza communal companies to undergo checks for snow cleaning machines availability

12:15 | 24.01.2016 | Society


Penza, 24 January 2016. PenzaNews. Penza will hold checks of snow cleaning machines availability, following the order by the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev.

Penza communal companies to undergo checks for snow cleaning machines availability

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According to him, the results of checks must be transferred to the licensing organization in order to undertake measures against the communal companies that are unable to maintain their territories in proper condition.

“We currently stand for our principles in regards to activities of communal companies. If a company does not comply to the agreement, its license must be revoked,” Victor Kuvaytsev stressed during the meeting in the city administration on Saturday, January 23.

According to official statistics, the Penza city issued 412 warnings and 107 administrative protocols (19 against individuals, 72 against responsible persons, and 16 against companies) since January 1.

The Penza region Goszhilstroytekhinspektsiya received letters on 8 facts of sub-standard area cleaning by communal companies.

Usually, the issues are related to smaller communal companies, such as “Vera,” “Feniks,” “Lev” and others, as well as entities without their own machines, the press service of Penza city administration informed PenzaNews agency.

“They are cleaning their areas with machines they rent from ‘Penzadormost’ and other management organizations. Usually, these machines are already in use during heavy snowfalls, and they cannot rent them on time,” the city hall explained.

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