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Penza Communists leader proposes creating state communal management company

12:48 | 13.02.2016 | Society


Penza, 13 February 2016. PenzaNews. The creation of a unified state communal management company and communal accounting center that closely adhere to the legislative norms would solve the current issues in the Russian communal field, Georgy Kamnev, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Aseembly, first secretary of the regional CPRF committee, told PenzaNews agency.

Penza Communists leader proposes creating state communal management company

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“In a nutshell, our proposal is that the authorities must create a unified state communal management company in the regions, which would manage the housing that is currently in the field of municipal communal companies. Moreover, this organization would be assigned the housing left without communal management due to revocation of licenses against private-owned companies or for other reasons,” he said.

He expressed his belief that a state communal management company could become a “financially and institutionally strong” organization and amass a significant portion of housing fund.

“That organization […] would be able to bring to life the [apartment building] management and communal services quality improvement program. It would be able to buy the equipment, the software, and hire the professionals,” explained the leader of the Penza Communists, adding that currently small communal companies are often unable to hire skilled staff.

“Obviously, there is no need to route up people in that organization. They need to decide on their own where they want to get their services. I believe that if the state offered such an opportunity, very many citizens would choose to be transferred under that company,” proposed the first secretary of the regional CPRF committee.

Another possible idea is to create a unified state accounting center “that would not be cheating citizens out of their money,” Georgy Kamnev added.

According to him, communal fee calculation and accrual must be classified as state services provided to citizens free of charge.

“The cost of upkeep for this organization would be minimal for the state – several people and minimal required software. But it would be able to solve so many issues: we wouldn’t have ‘doubled’ or ‘tripled’ bills, all fees would be correct. It would also calm down public tensions related to social issues, as they would be protected from any fraud schemes,” stressed the leader of the Penza Communists.

Georgy Kamnev said he explained these suggestions during his report in the grand economic forum in Orel held on Friday, February 12, and received an overall positive reaction from the audience.

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