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Ivan Malikov: 3-mln-rubles lawsuit forces Alexander Tuzov delete LiveJournal account

15:10 | 16.02.2016 | Society


Penza, 16 February 2016. PenzaNews. The failed talks on out-of-court settlement in a lawsuit worth 3 million rubles for illegal use of 60 items of copyright work, initiated by the founding company of PenzaNews agency against the individual businessman Alexander Tuzov, forced him to delete his LiveJournal account that contained dubious and even provocative posts, Ivan Malikov, president of “VolgaInterMedia,” suggested on Tuesday, February 16.

Ivan Malikov: 3-mln-rubles lawsuit forces Alexander Tuzov delete LiveJournal account

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“I was told today that Tuzov deleted his blog. It is simply good when a man who have hit a great number of well-respected Penza people and not only people over the past years, began, to use his own expression, cleaning out the Augean stables. All power to him,” the head of the media company said, expressing his belief that a great majority of people acquainted with him will be happy to learn the news.

He also reminded that “VolgaInterMedia” has a notarized copy of Alexander Tuzov’s personal blog, and removing it will not release him from being held responsible in accordance with the current legislation.

“If he did not own this Internet blog, which he recently hav been actively promoting online, he should say it out loud, in a public or court statement – after all, he is an honest and law-abiding citizen, retired state security officer, as he likes to describe himself. He can also use the opportunity to write an open admission – he already has the ten sheets of paper he says he received by mail. Basically, the deed is half done. Although I doubt he has enough paper to repent to everyone. The same with the conscience,” Ivan Malikov concluded.

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