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Penza to hold charity concert series “Tvori Dobro”

12:29 | 28.02.2016 | Society


Penza, 28 February 2016. PenzaNews. The cultural institution “Penzaconcert” will hold a series of three charity concerts “Tvori Dobro” between March 16 and May 4.

Penza to hold charity concert series “Tvori Dobro”

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Some of the collected funds will be donated to the parents of the twins Vika Ognyanova and Mira Ognyanova, who are need of expensive medical treatment.

On March 16, the Russian ethnic music ensemble “Miryane,” Natalya Mescheryakova and the ensemble “Zlato-Serebro” will hold the concert for the donors.

On April 18, the charity concert will feature Marta Serebryakova and the Russian ethnic instruments quarter “Gubernia,” as well as the folk sing and dance ensemble “Kazachya Zastava.”

The ensemble “Miryane” and the music band “Stranniki” will play on May 4.

Each of the three concerts will be held on the grand scene of the Penza regional Philharmonic Hall at 19.00, says the website of “Penzaconcert.”

Vika Ognyanova and Mira Ognyanova require an aftertreatment course in the musculoskeletal treatment center “Life In Motion,” which costs 232,000 rubles.

The girls have been diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, arrested speech and motor development, and medical strabismus. Moreover, Mira is suffering from permanent motor disability and subcompensated hydrocephaly.

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