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Penza Stalin Center opens exhibition dedicated to Soviet Russia

13:48 | 05.03.2016 | Society


Penza, 5 March 2016. PenzaNews. An exhibition of items of the Soviet age has opened on the second floor of the CPRF regional committee, as part of the memorial events dedicated to the 63rd anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin that are held in Penza on Saturday, March 5.

Penza Stalin Center opens exhibition dedicated to Soviet Russia

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“Right from the start, we said we would not be doing a museum, as we focus not on items but on the intellectual and artistic heritage of the times. Still, we decided to set up a small exhibition. People actively reacted to the news of the Stalin Center opening, brought many interesting newspapers, books. Not setting them up for everyone to view would not be right,” Georgy Kamnev, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Aseembly, first secretary of the regional CPRF committee, told PenzaNews.

According to him, visitors of the exhibition will be able to see “the matter of living for people of that times, the newspapers and books they were reading.”

“Here it is, the real life. It was mostly very eventful and inspiring. When a new factory for several thousand workers opens in the country every 7 hours during the second five-year period of the Soviet Union, how can that not be inspiring?” he noted.

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