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Penza officials decide to procure pothole repair vehicle

10:43 | 07.03.2016 | Society


Penza, 7 March 2016. PenzaNews. Penza will procure a Hydrog KA 4400 floated asphalt kocher installed on KamAZ chassis to make pothole repairs in the city more effective, in accordance with the decision by the city administration head Victor Kuvaytsev.

Penza officials decide to procure pothole repair vehicle

Photo: Penza-gorod.ru

On Sunday, March 6, he evaluated the advantages of the vehicle in question during the road repairs on 8 Marta street, which involved a leased kocher.

The mayor witnessed that the vehicle employs the well-known asphalt-concrete mix repair technology and makes it possible to use it even in cold and troubling weather.

Among the advantages, he praised its high effectiveness at lowered costs.

“We have the demand for buying two such high-technology units, but currently we can only afford one,” the press service of the city hall quotes Victor Kuvaytsev.

The developers of KA-4400 floated asphalt kocher took into account the recommendations by road repair services, which helped correct its potential weaknesses.

The vehicle is designed to prepare asphalt while in the field, conduct pothole repairs, transport floated asphalt from the production point and dispense it in precise quantities.

Its special interior design allows to dispense floated asphalts in any direction to achieve solid structure and temperature. An innovative system of pipelines heats the asphalt container in a solid way and helps prevent patch overheating, while a digital controller with a temperature detector controls the burner to maintain the asphalt under a certain temperature.

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