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Penza governor disappointed over construction crews slacking off on holidays

10:17 | 09.03.2016 | Society


Penza, 9 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev said he was disappointed over construction crews on the most important construction sites of the city decided to slack off during the International Women’s Day holidays.

Penza governor disappointed over construction crews slacking off on holidays

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As he pointed out, before the holidays, in company of responsible officials he took an inspection to some of the locations in question; according to him, the construction workers were intentionally summoned at those locations before his visit.

“The 5th [of March] is a day off, the 6th is off, the 7th is off, the 8th is off. What’s the good of not working for at least two or even three days in a row?” the governor asked during the videoconference meeting with administration heads of city areas and municipalities on Wednesday, March 9.

According to him, this situation is unacceptable, particularly when Gazprom is financing the construction of a swimming pool facility in Sputnik City residential area.

Due to that, Ivan Belozertsev ordered the heads of municipalities to show their responsibility and visit the construction sites to personally monitor the process.

The governor listed the Penza perinatal center construction site as an example.

“Financed mostly from Moscow. And yet the members of the government and myself are there every day, as things are looking bleak there,” said the head of the region.

The Penza region is currently the fifth best region of Russia by perinatal center construction, Ivan Belozertsev said; however, the regional authorities are not satisfied with the current performance.

“Currently, we have everything to keep building. The weather is excellent, the money keeps coming,” he stressed.

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