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Mufti urges Penza governor pay attention to Srednaya Yelyuzan

15:37 | 18.03.2016 | Society


Penza, 18 March 2016. PenzaNews. Albir Krganov, deputy chairman of the Russian Civic Chamber committee on harmnization of international and interconfessional relations, mufti of Moscow, the Central region and Chuvashiya, sent an address to the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev to pay attention to the situation in the Tatar-populated village of Srednaya Yelyuzan.

Mufti urges Penza governor pay attention to Srednaya Yelyuzan


“As a man of religion and society, recently I began receiving more and more letters from people living in Srednaya Yelyuzan. The citizens there are complaining about insufficient support by the authorities for the territory, such as the lack of any daytime preschool institutions, and saying the current village infrastructure needs to be upgraded,” reads the address by the Russian Civic Chamber member, a copy of which has been received by PenzaNews on Friday, March 18.

It points out that “the subject of this address is one of the largest Tatar villages not only in our country, but in contemporary Europe as a whole.”

“Currently, about 10,000 people are living in this compact territory. Many of them own farms and are active citizens. There is no doubt that the Penza region administrations knows well about the many examples of effective work by civil institutes and personal self-fulfillment mechanisms achieved by citizens of Srednaya Yelyuzan. On my part, I would like to ask you to take the current letter into account, and take it to monitor the situation with state support development in the territory if needed. As a member of the Russian Civic Chamber, I am ready to assist in developing contact with the most active citizens of Srednaya Yelyuzan village,” Albir Krganov stresses in his address.

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