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Penza head personally shows woman, due to move from old house to Zarya, her future flat

20:01 | 29.03.2016 | Society


Penza, 29 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza city head Valery Savelyev personally has shown Galina Mitrofanova, the woman who is due to be moved from dilapidated housing on Frunze street to the Zarya residential area, her new two-room flat in the apartment building No. 110 on Novoselov street.

Penza head personally shows woman, due to move from old house to Zarya, her future flat

Photo: Pgduma.ru

Earlier, she asked the city head for assistance in her housing issue: she lived in her flat in the Zavodskoy city area under a social rent contract, after which she applied for privatization. While Galina Mitrofanova’s neighbors had the opportunity to inspect their future housing as their documents were processed, she herself was left guessing where she would live.

“After my current housing, this is just a tale of wonder,” the woman shared her impressions after visiting her future flat.

In turn, Valery Savelyev highlighted the fact that the flat has individual heating and pre-installed water and gas meters.

Also, the city head described the infastructure development plans for the residential area.

“We are beginning the construction of a new kindergarten by your new apartment building, even though the Zarya kindergarten still has openings. So you will have a place for your grandchildren to learn. Also, we are in the talks to open a big store with foods and consumer goods. The fire station also will open in the residential area this year,” he announced.

At the end of the visit to the flat, Galina Mitrofanova invited Valery Savelyev for her housewarming celebration, the press service of the Penza city Duma informed PenzaNews.

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