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Penza region to use 16 million rubles more on pensions due to indexation

15:34 | 01.04.2016 | Society


Penza, 1 April 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza region will use additional 16 million rubles on pensions due to indexation.

Penza region to use 16 million rubles more on pensions due to indexation

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The indexation – an increase of state pensions, including social – by 4% will take effect on Friday, April 1.

However, April 1 will bring no indexation of monthly monetary payouts, which usually came hand-to-hand over the past years, as it was held earlier this year, on February 1.

According to information by the Pension Fund in the Penza region, the indexation will affect over 45,000 social and state pensioners.

The pensions will increase by an average of 300 rubles as of April 1, up to 8,550 rubles, compared to 8,251.22 rubles on March 1.

The actual increase is determined by the type of the pension, the disability group and the number of dependents that cannot work.

For example, a category 1 disabled person who received an injury on military service will have their pensions increased by over 570 rubles, up to 14,879.57 rubles.

Over 26,000 people in the Penza region who receive social pensions – disabled children, children who lost breadwinner, orphans with no parents, and others – will see their pensions increase by an average of 280 rubles.

Moreover, the April 1 indexation will affect the receivers of additional financial payments, including for distinguished achievements and dedicated merits, or for working in the Russian nuclear field – 152 and 520 persons respectively.

However, receivers of state and social pensions with their pensions after indexation and other payments would remain under the minimum living wage of 7,622 rubles – over 48,000 people – would experience no real change.

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