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EMERCOM dept explains new trash burning rules for Penza region citizens

16:25 | 08.04.2016 | Society


Penza, 8 April 2016. PenzaNews. The EMERCOM headquarters of the Penza region has issued an explanation on the new rules for burning trash.

EMERCOM dept explains new trash burning rules for Penza region citizens

Photo: 58.mchs.gov.ru

Starting from 2016, the open fire location must be a scoop, a pit or a ditch at least 0.3 meters deep and no more than 1 meter in diameter, or a platform with a metal or non-flammable container no more than 1 cubic meter in volume, firmly installed on the platform.

The open fire location must be situated no less than 50 meters away from the nearest landmark, 100 meters from pinewood or any pinetrees, and 30 meters from greenwood or any foliage trees.

Moreover, the person using open fire to burn trash must have at hand the means to extinguish the fire, cut the spread of and subdue the flames, and call fire department if necessary.

Using open fire is absolutely prohibited on peaty soils, zones covered by dedicated fire safety arrangements, under firtree branches, under wind stronger than 10 m/s, or with a forecast of dangerous weather involving strong gusts of wind.

It is prohibited to use open fire to dispose of flammable liquids, explosive substances or items, as well as items emitting toxic substances when burning; or leaving the open fire area until the fire is out completely.

After using open fire for disposal, the smoldering remains must be covered with soil, sand or water until completely extinguished, the press service of the Penza region EMERCOM headquarters informed PenzaNews.

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