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Alexander Samokutyaev congratulates Penza citizens with Cosmonautics Day

12:02 | 12.04.2016 | Society


Penza, 12 April 2016. PenzaNews. Alexander Samokutyaev, pilot cosmonaut and Hero of Russia, honorary chairman of the Russian Geographical Society branch in the Penza region, made an address to his compatriots in the region on Day of Cosmonautics celebrated on Tuesday, April 12.

Alexander Samokutyaev congratulates Penza citizens with Cosmonautics Day

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“Yuri Gagarin’s stellar journey that lasted 108 minutes fulfilled the dream of the humankind and paved the road to the stars. The time Gagarin spent on orbit opened the new era – the space era, gave an enormous push to the scientific and technical thought, became the symbol of the modern civilization,” it reads.

As the cosmonaut pointed out in his address, Yuri Gagarin’s space flight was a culmination of the crucial scientific and technical breakthrough by Russian scientists, engineers and research pilots.

“Those were the years full of enthusiasm and pride for our country, as it was the first to launch the now legendary man – Yuri Alexandrovich Gagarin – into space. And we will always cherish those times,” the address stresses.

As of now, over 500 people visited the orbit since the day of the first space flight, with their “space trips” already lasting more than 6 months, with enormous scientific work, complex experiments, and dynamic development of space science, he adds.

“I want to wish you kindness, success and happiness in life. Do not stop at your current achievements, continue your successful work for the good of cosmonautics, for the good of our Motherland!” the press service of the Russian Geographical Society regional branch quotes Alexander Samokutyaev.

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