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75% Penza region citizens approve of Russia’s anti-Western countersanctions

10:49 | 15.04.2016 | Society


Penza, 15 April 2016. PenzaNews. Three fourths of Penza region citizens approve of the anti-Western countersanctions by Russia, such as the food and agricultural products embargo, according to the PenzaNews website poll held on 1-14 April 2016, which received votes from 237 users (including 205 from Penza and the region).

75% Penza region citizens approve of Russia’s anti-Western countersanctions

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57.81% of the pollsters chose the “Definitely Approve” option, while 17.72% preferred “Rather Approve Than Not.”

At the same time, 14.35% definitely disprove the Russian measures, and 7.17% of them would rather vote against them.

Moreover, 2.95% of the poll struggled to reply.

Earlier, nearly two thirds of Penza region citizens said they experience no inconveniences due to the Western anti-Russian sanctions.

The Russian-Western relations experienced a downward trend due to the events in Ukraine.

The US authorities took the initiative in introducing sanctions to enforce international isolation of Russia; the EU countries followed suit, at a risk of economic loss. Later on, a number of US and EU partners also joined the sanctions, which transformed from targeted measures against certain individuals and companies into full-fledged measures against whole sectors of Russian economy.

In return, Russia retaliated with introducing a selective food embargo against the United States, EU countries, Canada, Australia and Norway – the countries that imposed the sanctions.

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