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Penza “S-Dance” school presents show “The Way”

13:53 | 18.04.2016 | Society


Penza, 18 April 2016. PenzaNews. The dance school “S-Dance” presented its new dance show “The Way” at “Penza” cinema and concert hall.

Penza “S-Dance” school presents show “The Way”

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Over 250 dancers described the 10-year-long history of their team, and tried to stress for the audience the importance of putting one’s priorities straight and follow the dream.

The show lasted for nearly 90 minutes.

During the performance, the Penza audience faced a number of locations, from city streets to the boxing ring. The show was divided into six parts with their names chosen after the six letters in the school’s name: “Street,” “Dream,” “Angry,” “Nearer,” “Champion” and “The End.”

Each part was prefaced by videoclips with commentary by Lyudmila Redina, founder and head trainer of “S-Dance.”

“The true history of dance for me began on the city square, accompanied by the beats of the 1990s. The dance met me wearing tube pants and sneakers, with a boombox on the shoulder and the heavily beating heart,” she said in the opening to the “Street” part.

Next, Lyudmila Redina described her dream to become a dance instructor; and, before the third part, the difficulties encountered on the way to the dream.

“The dream is leading us along a thorny path. It appears to be a wide highway at first, but then it narrows down to a little footway that’s so easy to lose. This is when you overcome yourself,” the founder of “S-Dance” explained.

The fourth part, “Nearer,” opened with a history of the dance school’s appearance, while the fifth video clip described the victories of the dance band at Russian and international competitions.

“When you reach the top, it seems that there’s nowhere else to go. You’ve conquered your peak. But then the fog clears, the wind sweeps aside the clouds, and you see the new chain of unconquered peaks. This is the moment when you understand: this is not the end. This is a new beginning,” Lyudmila Redina said in her preface to the last part of the performance.

However, she went out on the stage personally only at the very end of the concert to perform the last dance of the show with the “S-Dance” students.

The audience met the conclusion of “The Way” with a standing ovation.

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